5x Hikes

From your accommodation you can immediately start a number of long or short hikes through this vast mountain area. See our top 5 here. Check here our top 5.

The Serra de Monchique is a hiking paradise with beautiful views. You can easily spend a few days here to explore this nature reserve. It is nice that you can start several well-marked hikes directly from your accommodation. We have listed 5 of them. These can also be downloaded on wikiloc and hiking maps of most routes can also be found in the room.

5x Hikes from your accommodation

1. Trilho das Vistas (Hike with great views)
Length : 11 km
Duration : approx. 3.5 hours
We have plotted and marked this hike, which remains at the top of the mountain. There are no significant height differences and therefore it is doable for everyone. Characteristic of this walk are the many views to the south, west, north and east. During the walk you will also visit the top of the mountain where you can have a drink and eat at Foodtruck Alecrim (recommended!) or cafeteria O Planalto.

2. Trilho dos Moinhos (Mill walk)
Length : 10,3 km
Duration: about 3.5 hours
The most varied walk is the Trilho dos Moinhos, marked by the PR4 MCQ signs. You will walk through nature and over the mountain, but you will also pass an idyllic picnic spot next to a stream with an old water mill, which is the remaining of the old monastery and which is located in the village of Monchique. We have marked the points where this route deviates from its original course so that you can take this walk from your accommodation. A nice extra of this is that you will walk on small forest paths instead of a piece of asphalt road. There are several catering establishments in Monchique.

3. Percurso das Cascatas (Waterfall hike)
Length : 17 km
Duration : approx. 5.5 hours
This nature hike, marked by the signs with PR5 MCQ, consists of 2 parts and takes you past three waterfalls. The best period to walk this route is in the spring, after the rainfall. Then the waterfalls clatter down, of which Cascata de Barbelote is the most impressive. Barbelote itself is an abandoned village where you can see how the people used to live here. If you do the whole hike, it will take you about 5.5 hours. You can also do 1 part of this hike. Bring your own food and drink because you will not come across any cafe or restaurant.

4. Trilho da Fóia (Foia hike)
Length : 7 km
Duration : approx. 2.5 hours
A hike that is not too long, marked by the PR3 MCQ signs, which takes you almost to the top of the Fóia. Just before the top, the path turns left and you will descend down to the N266. If you continue this asphalt road you will pass 2 nice restaurants with a beautiful view: A Rampa and Paraíso Montanha. Here it is nice to eat the well-known Frango Piri Piri! We recommend starting this walk in the northerly direction. So first to the top. Especially the way back, which rises considerably, is a lot more pleasant than the other way around.

5. Percurso da Garganta (Garganta hike)
Length: 3,5 km
Duration : approx. 1 hour
This is a nice morning walk around our estate, over the Serra da Garganta. If you like, you can bring our dogs Siep and Yumi with you. They know this route like the back of their hand.

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